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HEwas takes another step higher on the indie totem pole with the release of his effortless sounding collaboration with Afroman "Wholething." Following the release of his conventional but catchy single "Lemon", HEwas embraces the somewhat scummy nature of the character by detailing his desire to remain casual with someone who wants something a little more steady. It's funny that the single cover is a cartoon depiction of the duo considering how much it reflects how juvenile the two come across in the song.  INSTAGRAM:  HEwas especially comes across as the kind of guy sending plenty of mixed signals, but still finding a way to blame the girl he's "not quite" seeing. He details his desire to be held and wanting to be less lonely but places this pressure that it's not to be taken seriously or else she'll have ruined the whole situation. I don't think it comes out as tongue and cheek as maybe it want

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