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Hughie Mac’s “Sings Some Great Songs Vol. 4”

Hughie Mac’s Sings Some Great Songs Vol. 4 is the latest in the East Coast singer/crooner’s ongoing series of recordings drawing from 20th-century American music. Mac has made much of his reputation on the fact that genre, ultimately, means very little to him – he does not betray any less comfort for singing songs twenty years old as he does fifty-year-old tracks and whatever lies between. His interpretive skills allow him the rare latitude to slip into the skin of several different performers seemingly at will as the stylistic range he covers on this latest volume in the series is nothing less than stunning.  TWITTER:   He has an undeniable penchant for mid-20th-century pop. His take on the venerable “Almost Like Being in Love” captures much of the sprightly hop of promise listeners have enjoyed from this and songs like it for well over half a century. His performances of songs such as this underline the elastic art of American pop of that er

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