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Sam Green

Australia’s Sam Green and the Time Machine are among the semi-hidden gems intrepid explorers will uncover if they delve into Spotify’s neglected corners. He released a staggering eleven full-length albums between 2013-2018 and these expansive collections, sometimes including upwards of fourteen tracks, cover a variety of songwriting topics while remaining somewhat conservative musically. The restrained bent in Sam Green’s music doesn’t mean there’s any sort of crippling sameness infecting his discography; he understands well how to incorporate subtle variations into each performance. Listeners’ ten favorite tracks, as listed by Spotify, are a fascinating window into his creative powers.  TWITTER:   His album Players All Are We has enjoyed much deserved attention from listeners. Four songs alone place in the top ten list. “Have the Seasons Changed?” is an acapella track carried by the power of his voice and the vocal melody. Many writers revisit

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